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1. What is Oushod Sheba?

Oushod Sheba is an online delivery service besides few other important features for consumers (with the help of Website and Mobile APPs) only for health and beauty related products in Bangladesh.

2. How easily I can place an order for medicine or other health related products?

A)OS is offering one very simple way to place an order by uploading an image of prescription or product list. In this case, OS admin will treat this as an incomplete order without product price and admin will make it digital order with price and proceed for order processing by assigning correct merchant.

B)OS is offering a second easiest way to place an order by search and select products from OS list of 35000+ items. In this order customer can see total value of order with all possible breakdown.

3. How easily, I can place 2nd, 3rd, 4th or all next orders from OS APP?

OS APP allows you to maintain a CART with the list of medicine that you need regularly. Just see the list in CART TAB and select items that you need for new order and proceed to CHECKOUT and PLACE ORDER. Anytime, you can add or delete item from your CART. There is another option, you can go to Order History to see your old executed orders and can RE-ORDER from there.

4. What else in it for me?

A) OS provides not only a list of medicine with price but also it holds details for medical professionals with generic name, doges, side effects etc.

B) OS provides a cloud based lifelong storage facility for all users to store their all prescription, all medical reports digital copies or images whatever necessary.

C) OS provides a list of nearby Pharmacies, which meets quality requirements designed by drag administration of Bangladesh and international standard listed by OS. Customer can view interior of Pharmacy with a contact details of operation manager and also can see their inventory online for order placement.

D) Customer can view on going orders, which are not yet completed.

E) Customer can view Order History and can re-order from there.

F) Customer can view Time Line of on Going orders and Old orders.

G) Customer can keep and maintain CART for regular order placing.

5.I was overcharged, please refund.

Oushod Sheba manage delivery logistics between merchant and consumer. If anything happen like this and you have proper documentary evidence, please provide us at info@oushodsheba.com to investigate further so that we can ensure consumer rights. And also you can file a complain at our support number 01961-186664 .

6. How can I report an issue and complain?

You can file a complain at our ID info@oushodsheba.com or you can talk with customer care on this given number 01961-186664.

7. How can I get a promo code?

You will get your promo code via SMS or via Notification in our APP.

8. In which City I can enjoy Oushod Sheba service?

At the time of placing orders via APP, you will be notified about OS coverage area. Or you can get a clear overview about our present and future coverage area map at APP drawer.

9. Deliveryman handle my pouch without proper care and behavior was objectionable.

You can file a complain with the name and ID of deliveryman at our email id info@oushodsheba.com or you can talk with customer care on this given number 01961-186664.

10. The medicine I want is not available in the OS list. What should I do?

At first you should go to Search and Order button. And type in the name of your medicine, if you find a name of a pharmacy, you can place an order with that pharmacy. And if you don’t find the name in our search option, then you should go to Prescription upload option and place your order with the images of your product and package. OS admin will try to find that product for you.

11. I ordered the medicine by mistake, what should I do now?

In case of such a situation, please inform our deliveryman or women about this. You can also inform our support team (info@oushodsheba.com or 01961-186664) immediately and we will work on it accordingly.

12. The deliveryman refuse to take my order, what should I do?

In case of such a situation, please inform our support team (info@oushodsheba.com or 01961-186664) immediately and we will work on it accordingly.

13. I forgot to apply my promo code on my medicine order, what can I do?

Since you’ve already placed an order, you will need to proceed with the current order. Please remember to apply the promo on your next order and you will have your medicine delivery with the benefit of promotional offer.

14. In how many ways I can pay against my order?

Right now OS is offering only one way for payment that is cash on delivery. And in few cases advance payment may require due to various reason. For this advance payment, merchant may ask for mobile money Bkash, Rocket, Nagad etc.

15. Do I need to pay extra, to get any delivery service?

You are not supposed to extra for any service that are defined in our service offers and coverage area. For exceptional cases, you are requested to contact with our support team (info@oushodsheba.com or 01961-186664).

16. Can I return products after receiving it?

Yes. We have a 3 Day Easy Return policy for all our products to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with their purchase. If you are unhappy or unimpressed with your order, we allow returns within 3 Calendar Days, for your satisfaction. But for returning products, your merchant must comply with the return policy. And to accommodate any return request, OS will apply 2 way new delivery charges for going to merchant and for picking up the changed product and/or money.

17. Will my purchase add points to my OS Account?

Yes, for each of your successful delivered orders you will get OS Points & can redeem those points to buy our exciting deals.

18. Is my account information secure?

Yes. Oushod Sheba ensures maximum safety of user information. Your information is kept with top most confidentiality. To learn more about our privacy policy click on the more option in the app drawer Terms and Condition and Privacy Policy.

19. Is there any warranty for purchased products?

Based on the type of product merchants, Importers or Manufacturers offers brand and service warranty. To learn more about product warranty please check merchants, Importers or Manufacturers.

20. How can I get discount or offers?

Our discount or promotional offers are notified in our app also in our social media platform. Keep an eye on our notification so that you can make the best use of any offers.

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